Alloy Wheels

Check out some of the images in the gallery that illustrate previous alloy wheel options by Vans North West Ltd.

The modern van user doesn’t just use a van as a working tool, they are very often used as a dual purpose vehicle for both work and leisure.

As a result, the modern van user has become very interested not only in the function as a work tool, but as an aesthetically pleasing leisure vehicle to be proud of.

Alloy wheel upgrades can offer the desired aesthetics and the right choice of alloy wheel and tyre combination can change the appearance of a van.

However, not all alloy wheels are the same. Very often, people make the mistake of fitting standard alloy wheels to a van that are not designed to carry a load that a van carries. Fitting the incorrect load rated alloy wheels can have disastrous consequences.

At Vans North West, we will not only supply very desirable looking alloy wheels and tyres, but they will be the correct load rating to carry the load in your van.

Ask your Van Consultant at Vans North West about alloy wheel upgrades. Click the Whatsapp button to have a text chat, or hit the enquire now button and one of our helpful Van Consultants will be happy to assist.

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