Fridge / Temperature Controlled Conversion

Check out some of the images in the gallery that illustrate previous Fridge Van conversions by Vans North West Ltd.

Fridge Van conversions are bespoke hand-built conversions inside Panel Vans, subsequent to the van leaving the van manufacturer assembly factory. Because the Fridge Van conversion is built into the van subsequent to leaving the manufacturer assembly factory, the specification of the Fridge Van can be tailored to the user’s exact requirements and choice of cargo and temperature requirement.

Fridge Van conversions are designed with the aim of maintaining a cargo at a specific temperature throughout the journey of the cargo. They are generally used to transport perishable goods, and are often used in the health service, food industry and flower industry. They are generally insulated to provide a specific temperature control, and the interior is generally a sealed washable lining, constructed in GRP to allow thawed liquids or food products to be hygienically cleansed. They can be loaded and unloaded from the rear or the side doors, which are also insulated.

Fridge Van conversions have either an electrical or hydraulic pump driven refrigeration unit, driven from the vehicle engine or vehicle charging system. The unit only works when the vehicle engine is running. The fridge unit is positioned and mounted onto the roof of the van, which is often recessed into the roof profile for aerodynamic reasons. The capacity of temperature control is governed by the strength of the refrigeration unit, and by the amount of insulation used in the construction. Temperature can be controlled from Ambient down to minus 25 degrees.

A popular option on a refrigerated van conversion is an ‘Overnight Standby’ unit. This allows the refrigeration unit to be plugged into the mains electricity supply of a building to allow perishable cargo to be stored in the vehicle whilst it is not running.

Your Van Consultant is able to advise on the design, the van, the insulation, the refrigeration unit and the target temperature to be achieved, and is qualified to provide advice that will enable your goods to delivered at the correct temperature and not breach the UK construction and use regulations for operating a Light Commercial Vehicle.

Ask your Van Consultant at Vans North West about bespoke building your refrigeration van conversion. Click the Whatsapp button to have a text chat, or hit the enquire now button and one of our helpful Van Consultants will be happy to assist.

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