Furniture Body

Check out some of the images in the gallery that illustrate previous Furniture Box Van body builds by Vans North West Ltd.

Furniture van bodies are bespoke hand-built cargo bodies on manufacturer chassis, subsequent to the chassis leaving the chassis manufacturer assembly factory. Because the Furniture body is constructed subsequent to leaving the manufacturer assembly factory, the dimensions of a Furniture body can be tailored to the user’s exact requirements.

Furniture van bodies are very similar to Luton Box van bodies in that they are high volume van bodies used to carry volume bulky furniture, rather than weight. Although a Furniture body can carry weights of over 1 metric tonne, the general loads have a bias towards bulky volume.

Because the Furniture Box Van is built to square dimensions, they tend to be a more versatile option to maximise volume. Most Furniture bodies come with solid fixed side panels, usually of aluminium construction for weight efficiency and a translucent roof to keep loads dry and secure, unlike open back bodies like Dropsiders or Tippers. Most Furniture Box Vans come with additional cargo space above the cab and often a rear drop well behind the rear wheels to allow easy ‘walk-in’ access.

Most Furniture van bodies only have access to the rear via a roller shutter, Wide lathe shutter, or traditional twin rear doors. Some Furniture bodies also have drop down ‘walk-in’ boards as part of the rear closure, usually combined with a ‘drop well’ behind the rear wheels, to allow ‘walk-in’ loading capability. Whilst Furniture bodies generally have no side access, because of the nature of the construction being hand-built, side access doors can be built in if desired.

Some Furniture Box bodies can be built on low floor constructed chassis to alloy easy loading, however there are alternative load handling lifts available for all Furniture Box bodies and your Van Consultant at Vans North West will be able to advise and specify the correct loading Lifts for your specific need.

Your Van Consultant is able to advise on the design, weights and dimensions of your bespoke Furniture Box body, and is qualified to provide advice that will not breach the UK construction and use regulations for operating a Light Commercial Vehicle.

Ask your Van Consultant at Vans North West about bespoke building your Furniture Box Van body and loading requirements. Click the Whatsapp button to have a text chat, or hit the enquire now button and one of our helpful Van Consultants will be happy to assist.

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