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Buying a new van for your business is a huge financial commitment and one that requires the investment of your hard-earned money. Ensuring you invest in a dependable vehicle is vital.

It’s a debate that has raged on for decades – van warranty or no van warranty? But at Vans North West Ltd, you don’t have to decide. All our vehicles come with a minimum 6-month warranty as standard. Most also come with a manufacturer’s warranty. For those looking for extra peace of mind, our extended warranty options deliver ultimate protection throughout your policy term.

Our warranties work to protect you

As the owner of the vehicle, the cost of mechanical repairs should your van breakdown can be a constant worry. As a leading provider of new, nearly new and used vans, we understand that quality is high on your list of priorities as a van purchaser.

As well as undergoing a 97-point check before delivery/collection, all our used vehicles come with a 6-month warranty with the option to upgrade to cover you for any mishaps for an extended period. Our extended warranties offer comprehensive parts cover across a period of 1 to 3 years.

We’ve got you covered

With modern vehicles consisting of up to 1000 components, the prospect of even the most minor failure can be troubling. With our warranty, all mechanical and electrical parts are covered, meaning any repairs needed don’t have to have a painful impact on your pocket.

Our extended warranty covers replacement parts, labour and VAT. Whilst we prefer to provide you with excellent service our self at our site, if you are not local to the area, repairs to damaged mechanical and electrical products don’t have to be completed at our North West facility. With our warranty, you have access to a national repair network, so repairs can be completed at an approved location that’s convenient for you (subject to your garage gaining approval and adhering to by the warranty provider terms and conditions).

A simple and speedy claims process

Should the worst happen, you never have to be off the road for too long with our warranty and extended van warranties. The claims payment process is fast and hassle-free, meaning mechanical and electrical issues can be resolved quickly and conveniently. All warranties are also transferable should you wish to sell your commercial vehicle.

Van ownership is one thing that is becoming more and more expensive. Counter rising insurance premiums and fuel costs with a van warranty option that’s got you and your vehicle covered in the repairs department.

Momentum Warranties

Our extended warranty provider is Momentum Warranties.

Over the past 15 years at Vans North West Ltd, we have put to the test most vehicle warranty companies, including household names like the RAC and the AA.

We have learned over the years that the bigger brand names charge the customer a large premium for the name and deliver far less value for money, and warranty claim limits are substantially lower with fewer add-on benefits. In addition, the claims procedure with other warranty companies are far more prohibitive and leave the customer waiting with the vehicle off the road through a long drawn out claims procedure.

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