Washable Linings

Check out some of the images in the gallery that illustrate previous washable lining solutions by Vans North West Ltd.

If you need to be able to wash or even pressure wash the load cargo area of your van for the purpose of hygiene, odours, spillages, chemicals or any other specialist requirement, you may want to consider protecting the cargo area of your van with a washable lining.

A washable lining is generally used in the food industry or chemical industry, but there are many reasons you may need to be able to thoroughly wash your van.

The modern construction of vans does not allow the simple washing of a van interior without holding debris in the ‘gaps and recesses’ of a standard cargo area, and a plywood lining would simply hold moisture and odours.

The solution involves a completely smooth non porous wipe clean lining, which can withstand high pressure washing and heavy duty detergents. The construction is usually a smooth finish GRP lining, and a non-slip washable floor surface can be added to help avoid accidents.

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